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Welcome to Ardenada Griffons and Ardenada Acres Rabbitry.


We are located on 5 acres in Easley, SC. Which is convenient for our travels to shows in SC, NC, TN, GA and KY. Brussels Griffons are our main breed. We have also shown, Co-Owned, Bred, Co-Bred and Finished; Afghan Hounds, English Toy Spaniels, French Bulldogs, Irish Wolfhound, Miniature Schnauzers and Pekingese.

Our newest Show Project is the Netherland Dwarf Rabbits, Britannia Petite Rabbits and Valencian Figurita Pigeons. They are quite a change from the dog world, but interesting and have brought new friends into our lives.

Please look around our site and see the many reasons we enjoy our little patch of heaven on earth.

Contact information below - we love to talk about our kids.
Alan F. Ream & David C. McCollum
Easley, SC

Members of:
American Brussels Griffon Association
Clemson Kennel Club, Inc.
ARBA - American Rabbit Breeders Association
ANDRC - American Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Club

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